Monday, 10 January 2011

The Palestinian Right of Return: It's so simple.

the Right of Return is ......

  • It is in the psyche of every Palestinian. No peace can prevail without it.

  • It is a basic right, derived from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all international and regional covenants.
  • It is an individual right derived from the sanctity of private ownership and a collective right derived from the Principle of Self-Determination.
  • It has no statute of limitation and cannot be extinguished by a treaty or the establishment of a state.
  • It is affirmed by the UN resolution 194 and repeatedly confirmed by the international community over 110 times in 50 years, unparalleled in UN history.


78% of Jews live in 14% of Israel. The remaining 22% of Jews live in 86% of Israel's area, which is Palestinian land. Most of them live in a dozen or two Palestinian towns. A tiny minority lives in Kibbutz, now ideologically and economically bankrupt. This minority exploits the vast Palestinian land.

Thus, only 200,000 Jews exploit 17,325 sq. km, which is the home and heritage of 5,248,180 refugees, crammed in camps and denied the right to return home.

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